The general public thinks all dental procedures are the same and are related to dentistry. Right? Wrong. Not necessarily, as there are a lot of variations on traditional dentistry. Each of these types has a distinct function. Each of these styles can be distinguished by some differences. You must know these distinctions to choose the best dentist for your needs.

Cosmetic dentistry – what is it?

The term “cosmetic dentistry” refers to a broad range of dental procedures designed to improve the appearance of your teeth. A cosmetic dentist can handle a variety of dental problems. Many people wonder, “ what are the benefits of this treatment?” The most frequent issues a cosmetic dentist sees are broken or cracked teeth. This specialist can use veneers, fillings, or tooth reshaping to enhance the smile.

A cosmetic dentist can place implants, but this is more frequently done by dentists specializing in aesthetic dentistry. A dentist might decide against teeth whitening and suggest you get implants if they want to offer all their services to each patient.

In general, a cosmetic dentist only offers cosmetic procedures. The smile of the patient is to be made better by the cosmetic dentist. A person’s health is better, and they can avoid several health issues if their smile is more attractive. Despite evidence linking gum disease to cardiac problems, people with healthier smiles are, for instance, less likely to develop heart disease or gum disease.

No matter how badly damaged, broken, or stained your teeth are, a cosmetic dentist can always make them look better. The patient’s psychological health and self-esteem improve when the issue is fixed. Cosmetic dentists are therefore regarded as an essential component of the dental profession. 

How do dental implants work?

Dental implant surgery replaces missing or damaged teeth using artificial teeth that function and look like natural teeth. When missing natural tooth roots make it impossible to create dentures or bridgework tooth replacements, dental implant surgery can be a welcome alternative. You must also go to a reputable clinic like West Dental Implants and Prosthetics.

How dental implant surgery is carried out depends on the implant used and your jawbone’s health. Dental implant surgery may involve several procedures. The main benefit of implants is that they provide stable support for your new teeth; however, for this to happen, the bone must heal tightly around the implant. The process can take months because bone healing takes time.

Are dental implants considered a cosmetic procedures?

You might find this surprising. Since dental implants seem to be very different from teeth whitening and other purely cosmetic dental procedures, they may differ. They undoubtedly are. The most effective way to restore missing teeth caused by gum disease or tooth decay is dental implants.

What does not qualify as cosmetic dentistry?

In this section, we respond to frequently asked inquiries:

  • Are dental implants considered purely cosmetic?
  • Dental implants: Are they a type of aesthetic surgery?

The answer is no; implants and cosmetic dentistry are not compatible. Examples of restorative dentistry, as opposed to cosmetic dentistry, include dental bridges and implants. Maintaining the health and functionality of your mouth is the goal of restorative dentistry. You may consult professionals for more information that concerns you.

Here are some instances of restorative dental services:

  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Root canals
  • Dental implants
  • Full Dentures 


Cosmetic dentistry is any work done to make your smile look better. On the other hand, preventive and corrective procedures that improve oral health are referred to as restorative dentistry.